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There are lots of businesses available in the city of Round Hill Village since it’s close to Lake Tahoe and lots of other good places to visit. Some places that people visit a lot are the Zephyr Cove for leisure and Round Hill Square Shopping Center for any other needs.

We at IQC The ISO Pros of Nevada has helped out a lot of businesses in Round Hill Village and has been considered the best when it comes to ISO Standard and Certification services.

We can also help you too! Below are some of the services we offer and their highlights!
Roundhill VIllage NV

Supplier Audits

Audits are very important for a business to know how if it’s going well and if things are being managed properly. One important thing to always look into is the supplies you’re getting from your suppliers since these are the key to having a successful business.

 If you need any help with this matter then IQC is here to help you out. We make sure that we carefully look into your supplier’s quality system and make sure they meet the proper standards and specific requirements regardless of what industry you’re in.

Pre-assessment Audit

If you’re looking to apply for certain ISO certification or standards and don’t know if you meet all the necessary requirements then you can hire us for a pre-assessment audit! This process is optional but the good thing about this is that we would be able to see first if there’s any gap or flaw for any standards you’re applying for and make sure that it’s corrected before the certification audit takes place.

This service is best for companies who are just starting out to get their certifications. With this service, new companies would be acquainted and get to know how the audit process works beforehand and let them see an external perspective on how their management system works.

Documentation Audit/Desk Audit

This type of audit is usually initiated by either the employer or employee. Let’s say one of your employees is questioning the salary that they’re getting every month and is insisting to get paid higher for the job they’re doing for you. The best thing to do here is to get a compensation analyst (which we also offer as well) and have them do an audit of the work-salary ratio that your employees are doing.

Many things would be considered in doing this type of audit like the job duties that an employee is given, how hard is the workload both physically and emotionally and, other responsibilities they have within the company aside from the main task they have.

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If you’re looking for a company to get assistance from for any types of audits or ISO certification, then we’re the one you’re looking for. We have years of experience in the industry and we always make sure that all of our customers are satisfied regardless of what service they need. IQC The ISO Pros of Nevada has been trusted by many companies and we’ll make sure that you’ll do too!

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