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Winnemucca serves as a major distribution point for Nevada. The city is the crossroad that links US Highway 95 from Oregon and Idaho to Interstate 80 that why there was a point in time that the city was known as the center of commerce in Nevada.

Winnemucca is also known for its gaming and tourism industry. Gaming is focused more on casinos while on the tourism side, people go to Winnemucca to do outdoor recreational activities like hiking and camping. With that said, IQC The ISO Pros of Nevada has been supporting the businesses that run in the city of Winnemucca to meet international standards and get ISO certification for many years now!

Interested to know some of the services we have already offered in Winnemucca? Read some of them below!
Winnemucca NV

Automotive Core Tools

Being the center of commerce and trades, many people go to the city to do business. Since logistics is one of the things the city is known for, the automotive business is definitely booming in the city. But without proper knowledge and certification, clients would opt out for other companies, that’s why we’re here to help you out.

In the automotive business, there are core tools that need to be utilized in order to work on different vehicle brands and parts. So, knowing what are the right ones to use means that your people are trained to meet international standards and customers would trust and choose your business more.

Auditing Management Systems ISO 19011

If your business is new and still hasn’t gone through proper auditing or if your employees need proper training and information on how to do proper auditing, then this certification is for you.

ISO 19011 are sets of guidelines for creating an auditing management system for your business. This allows you to manage and create a program so auditing can be done easily and help evaluate the people doing the audits and make sure that they’re doing it properly.

The certification also provides information on how to improve an existing audit program that you have in place for your business and reducing the risk of possible errors in the audit reports.

Counterfeits AS6081

With the ever-so-growing supply chain, the number of counterfeit products is increasing as well. Having the right knowledge to spot counterfeit supplies is necessary to avoid any risk for your business.

We at IQC have years of expertise on this matter and we can help you in evaluating the supplies you’re getting and compare them to possible counterfeits that are present in the market. We can also help you out in doing an internal audit to make sure that there are no counterfeit products running in your supplies.

Having this certification means that your customers would be confident in choosing your business as their supplier.

We have helped lots of businesses with other services aside from these three we listed. If you want to know more about what we can help you with, give us a call now. We can look into your business status and needs; we can even give you suggestions on what certification you need and throw in a free quotation too!

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